XR Events and Conferences

You know better than anyone else that events are about leaving a lasting impression. Extended reality (XR) is the future of events. More and more companies are relying on immersive technology from event signage to product showcasing. Stay ahead of the curve with XR events and conferences.

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Why XR for Events?

 Extended Reality (XR) adds an entirely new dimension to your event venue, making every gathering memorable. Whether you manage a convention center, concert hall, or conference facility,  extended reality (XR) can turn ordinary events into extraordinary experiences.

We’ve worked with the Iowa State Fair and Puck Manufacturing to introduce XR into their event experiences. Check out our case study on introducing XR elements that have wowed attendees and enhanced their event branding.

XR Events and Conferences examples

Check out our recent project with the Iowa State Fair where we enhanced attendee engagement with an activated mural. Think your idea for your next event is too crazy? Try us.

Let’s take your event to the next level

Activated signage:

Imagine event signage that comes to life, providing real-time information, interactive maps, and even personalized greetings to attendees.

Interactive demos or games:

Showcase your products using Augmented Reality or use virtual reality headsets for brand themed games.

Extended reality booths and materials:

Transform traditional booths into visual immersive experiences, or leave a lasting impression with XR business cards. 

Immersive branding:

Infuse XR elements into your trade show displays, creating visually stunning and memorable branding experiences.

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