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Welcome to the forefront of innovation in visual storytelling – VAEZR Studio Activated Graphics. Elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and immerse them in interactive narratives that transcend convention.

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What is an activated graphic?

An Activated Graphic blends technology seamlessly with traditional visuals, offering innovative and interactive signage. Users can engage with the content by touching, swiping, or gesturing, prompting various responses within the graphic. This approach presents a distinctive and captivating method for conveying information, storytelling, marketing, and incorporating elements beyond the constraints of the physical world.


Check out our example from the 2023 Iowa State Fair!

HOW IT WORKS: AUgmented reality (ar)

Activate any signage with augmented reality (AR) such as a business card, graphic, mural, and more with the scan of a QR code.

Industries We Illuminate:

Elevated Marketing: Distinguish your brand within the competitive marketing sphere with interactive advertisements that seize attention and forge enduring connections or activate your business card to stand out to potential clients/customers.

Sports Signage Redefined: Elevate the stadium experience with graphics that resonate with the fervor of the crowd, engendering an arena of excitement.

Entertainment Unleashed: From theaters to events, enrich the entertainment landscape with graphics that respond to performances, etching unforgettable memories.

The limits are endless with activated graphics. Contact us today to see how we can propel your industry.

Recent Feature

Recently, VAEZR Studio collaborated with the City of Adel to create an Activated Graphic Mural showcasing the town’s history. 

This groundbreaking mural spans over 40 feet. It features interactive elements that invite viewers to engage in a captivating visual experience. Through augmented reality technology developed by VAEZR Studio, visitors can use their smartphones to unlock hidden narratives and animations, which respond dynamically to their perspectives and movements. 

Our capabilities:

Interactive Branding
Infuse your graphics and marketing with life, converting passive viewers into active participants. 

Elevated Event Signage
Craft experiences that resonate with viewers in ways the physical world is unable to. Elevate your events with a new form of entertainment. 

Dynamic Realism
Activated Graphics allow you to update signage and keep your content fresh with updates relevant to sporting events and signage.

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