Iowa State Fair’s First Activated Mural by VAEZR Studio

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Share Post: Iowa State Fair’s First Activated Mural by VAEZR Studio + Lashier Graphics and Signs (WEST DES MOINES, IA) – VAEZR Studio, a division of Zirous is headquartered in West Des Moines,...

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Iowa State Fair’s First Activated Mural by VAEZR Studio + Lashier Graphics and Signs (WEST DES MOINES, IA) – VAEZR Studio, a division of Zirous is headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa, announces yet another groundbreaking project featured at the Iowa State Fair. At the forefront of innovation, VAEZR Studio is teaming up with Lashier Graphics and Signs and the Iowa State Fair to bring to life an awe-inspiring activated graphic and NEW mural set to captivate fairgoers. Blending Lashier Graphics and Sign’s artistic visions with VAEZR Studio’s cutting-edge expertise in augmented reality, this mural transcends traditional artistic boundaries, offering an immersive journey.

Murals are a popular photo opp, but this 24-foot wide picture incorporates a twist. When attendees scan the QR code and go to take the picture, the mural is activated and comes to life. Through the integration of augmented reality the large-scale art is brought to new heights enhancing the fair-goer experience and bringing awareness to the fusion of art and technology. The mural will be located on the exterior of the Jacobson Exhibition Center in the southwest corner of the fairgrounds next to the Iowa Craft Beer Tent (Iowa State Fair Map)- visit this area to witness the magic unfold as you are transported to a mesmerizing world of interactive storytelling, redefining the way art is experienced and remembered. This transformative partnership showcases the power of creativity and innovation.  This is the second year in a row Zirous has teamed up with the Iowa State Fair to enhance the attendee experience, and the sixth year of Lashier Graphics & Signs’ Partnership with the Fair.  

“I am absolutely thrilled to bring this technology to the fair again. As the Senior XR Engineer, witnessing the integration of augmented reality with the world of the Iowa State Fair has been a truly rewarding experience. These projects showcase just a sliver of the true potential of XR technology to enhance and elevate traditional experiences, and I am honored to be a part of this innovative journey.”  –Luke McDermott

Andy Lashier, co-founder of Lashier Graphics & Signs: “Our customers trust us to effectively get maximum eyes on their messages. By partnering with Zirous to launch “Activated Graphics,” we continue to explore and lead the cutting-edge of technology within our industry. We can’t wait for fair-goers to experience this technology and envision what they can do with their brandmessaging.”


Along with the activated graphics mural, VAEZR Studio has collaborated with Barksdale Cookies to make light of the inevitable long lines at the Iowa State Fair with an enchanting augmented reality game. While waiting in line for the famous Barksdale Cookies, fairgoers can now indulge in a delightful cookie-themed adventure, collecting cookies and milk to help Chip while skillfully avoiding virtual vegetables. Get ready to savor every moment at the fairgrounds with this mouthwatering game.


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